2022 Roadmap

Obsidium Ecosystem
3 min readJun 28, 2022


Today, the Old Guard of Obsidium Ecosystem has decided on the future steps ahead and decided to announce the 2022 roadmap packed with major updates to be deployed and high targets before the end of 2022.

The Obsidium Ecosystem developers will continuously innovate so that Obsidium will continue to achieve its mission which will facilitate education, research, and continued development of the Obsidium.

Obsidium Old Guard decided instead to develop one single product which will be complicated or too well structured for people to can use it in daily use manner, Obsidium Old Guard decided to continue with the initial plans and ideas that Obsidium has been developed at beginning of the journey but instead of developing only one single product that may fail, Obsidium Old Guard will be focusing on developing an entire ecosystem where Obsidium will conduct and administrate the ecosystem and its developments.

Obsidium started its planned ideas of developing the ecosystem with its first product that will act as a Fuel for the entire ecosystem and will bring a use case for the multitude of applications or projects that will grow, attach, or be born inside of Obsidium Ecosystem.

In our ideals, the roadmap progress will start with the new project named iDot Finance that will raise under Obsidium and will help grow the entire ecosystem with it.

Roadmap # Q3 / 2022
iDot Finance private sale followed by a presale on a 3rd party provider.
Re-forming the whitepaper to current Market Condition, Obsidium Evolution, and ideals.
Releasing Obsidium Dashboard in Beta and Full Version.
Releasing the Customer Support Base & Knowledge Base
Releasing Obsidium Governance where people can create proposals and vote for proposals.
Releasing Version 2 of Staking + Version 1 of Farming.
Extending our Official Partnerships and Connections with top projects.
Expanding our Team with over 10+ members that include Web Developers, Graphic Designers, UI/UX Designers, Solidity Developers, and a Support Team.
Offering open positions for Staking & Farming for outsider projects and incentivizing the Obsidium Community.
Releasing the Obsidium Incubator where we will provide Blue Chip projects that will be exclusively available to Obsidium Community and Obsidium Holders.
Releasing the Obsidium Launchpad for public use, where we will bring direct competition to top public Launchpads that are unsecured and overvalued.
Listing on Centralized Exchanges. Our goal is to achieve a total of a minimum 5 exchanges where Obsidium will be available for trade by end of 2022.

Roadmap # Q4 / 2022
Releasing the Obsidium NFT Collection with unique designed characters by artists that will provide a full story. NFT Collection will be expanded to utility in other projects or ecosystems.
Releasing the Obsidium NFT Marketplace initially will be available exclusively for Obsidium and projects inside Obsidium Ecosystem. Extending to public use from Q1 2023.
Releasing the Obsidium Laboratory that includes Cross-Chain V3 Staking, Cross-Chain V2 Farming, and Cross-Chain DEX.
Official announcements about Obsidium Capital, its Investments plans, Investments strategy, wealth accumulation, and development.
Releasing the Old Guard Sentinel. Future announcements about what will include or its purposes will have to be made a the time of development.
Listing on Centralized Exchanges. Our goal is to achieve a total of a minimum 5 exchanges where Obsidium will be available for trade by end of 2022.
Growing the Obsidium Ecosystem to a minimum of 8 projects and partners by end of 2022.
Releasing the API and Documentation.
Achieving our goals for traction, adoption, use case, and facilitating education, research, and continued development.

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