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2 min readApr 18, 2022

Obsidium Community,

You may know that Obsidium Team has introduced the Miners for OBS, BUSD and BNB Tokens.
The Obsidium Miners gives you up to 8% Daily Returns for based on How many Miners you have. The rules is simple, You Hire Miners, they’re working for you, more miners, more rewards you’ll get in return!

To Maximize your returns, provide sustainability and longevity to any of the Miners, we do provide the following mechanism.

6 Days “Give back to Miner” and 1 Day “Collect from Miner”

If you follow this simple rule, you’ll get your return up to 8% Daily and that is excluding the BONUS from referrals.

For those who’re trying to Collect from Miner to often, we had implemented 1 algorithm that is penalizing you and decreasing your Daily Return significantly even down to 0.5% Daily.

You’re free to use any of your methods and collect as often as you like from your miners, but we’re here to work together.

Also, do not forgot to share your referral, go to your desired Miner, connect your wallet, copy your referral link and spread it everywhere, with your friends, with your family, with your neighbour. More to come, better the sustainability!

Obsidium Team also have created for you few Spreadsheet to help you track your investments and returns from any of the miner.

Spreadsheets can be found on our GitHub, public for everyone! Update the prices, rates and miners.

🔹 https://github.com/Obsidium-cc/Obsidium-Miners


Kind regards,
Obsidium Team
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