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2 min readApr 19, 2022


Obsidium Community,

Today Obsidium Team want to remind about importance of a Roadmap and celebrate with you the next steps ahead of us.

Obsidium Ecosystem and Obsidium Project New Roadmap it’s almost finalized and will be publish soon. When it will be available everyone will be notified.

Obsidium Team also is taking steps ahead for the important migration to a full and complete documented Discord Server. As today, Obsidium Discord server suffered another Important Update and it’s getting prepared for a mass ecosystem development.
As you may seen already, Obsidium it’s getting prepared of launching a 2nd Token in Obsidium Ecosystem that will act as a sponge between the Miner and Obsidium Token, simple just increasing continuous the Obsidium Price and feeding continuous the Miner to incentive your rewards. We want to mention also that access to early stages of the new token will be fully internally and who seeks to participate in our Pre Launch Sale of new born token will own Obsidium Tokens.

How I can get whitelisted?
Simple! You must own $OBS Token. For whitelist participation, Obsidium Team will introduce a Vault System where whitelist will be granted only to those who own and deposit $OBS into respective Vault.
The Vault will grant no rewards and tokens will be locked in Vault for a pre set amount of Days. At end of lock period, $OBS Holder can re-claim his tokens.

More updates about will be released in the following days and a full documentation to be released.

Also Obsidium Team it’s getting ready to open it’s Obsidium House, a close group of investors that will have power to decide future Investments of Obsidium Investment Fund. This is still an idea under development and team have to agree on certain points and certain value to be hold for investors to be part of this investment group.

💎Join us!
📩 https://discord.gg/obsidiumcc

Kind regards,
Obsidium Team
🧬 www.Obsidium.io 🧬



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