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1 min readApr 18, 2022

Obsidium community,

Obsidium Team has updated current whitepaper with some extra links, information’s and minor updates. Also as plan of yesterday development of Obsidium Miners, our team have finalized the Technical Documentation and FAQs that may rise for every each Miner Separately.

OBS Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/obs-miner)
BUSD Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/busd-miner)
BNB Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/bnb-miner)
ETH Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/eth-miner)
CRO Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/cro-miner)
AVAX Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/avax-miner)
FTM Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/ftm-miner)
MATIC Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/matic-miner)
ADA Miner 📃 (https://docs.obsidium.io/defi-miners/ada-miner)

Overall whitepaper can be accessed any time at https://docs.obsidium.io/
To access the Obsidium Miners, please visit https://miners.obsidium.io/

Please keep in mind that Obsidium is currently running only OBS, BUSD and BNB Miners. Rest of miners that are featured have to be released in the following days / weeks.

Also, every each miner will benefit of an extra Token Smart Contract that will be developed internally in Obsidium Ecosystem, as plans of Obsidium Team, Only Obsidium Holder Token will take part in early sale stakes of any of additional ecosystem token that will be released.

More updates will be released in following days.

Kind regards,
Obsidium Team
🧬 www.Obsidium.io 🧬



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