Plans update


Short updated for Obsidium Ecosystem.

As our plans of Obsidium Development will include a huge expansion in our products, Telegram will be limited into a single Group of diversify our products, also Obsidium Team will not create multiple groups for every each products as this will disperse the community and it’s value. As we have mentioned few times already, Obsidium will move slowly, slowly to Discord Server.

We will not close the Telegram Group, but we will start focusing our energy’s mainly on Discord Server and it’s category’s as it will be much cleaner and efficient.

Since yesterday, Obsidium Team have permanently upgraded the Invitation Link to our Discord Server, it has been also updated on all our socials, linktree and website.


Kind regards,
Obsidium Team
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Obsidium Ecosystem

Obsidium is an ecosystem, serverless, cross-chain, layer-2 solution that fuel the crypto space with DeFi, AMM & NFTs.